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In the late 1800s early 1900s, several sets were published with the title "The Works of Victor Hugo." There was a 10 volume set and a 20 volume set which several publishers produced in almost identical versions.

The contents of the 10 volume set were (with some variation):

The 20 volume set had three volumes of poetry, one volume The Rhine, but otherwise had pretty much the same contents spread out in more volumes. (For example, Les Miserables covers 5 volumes, and Ninety Three covers two.)

You can usually find these sets, in part and in whole, in various conditions on the various internet auction sites. You may also find a 1-volume set published by Walter J Black, 1928. This contains a small collection of poetry, Hunchback of Notre Dame, "Stories of Crime" and "Essays on Humanity." "Stories of Crime" are actually a collection of short storys and novellas including Claude Gueux and Last Days of a Condemned Man "Essays on Humanity" contains several essays, including Capital Punishment It's not a bad collection for one volume.

Often in the subject line on the auction sites you'll see the words, "Works of Victor Hugo," and you'll open the link and find there is only one or two books from the set. (And since some of Hugo's novels are split among volumes, they won't even be complete novels). Obviously, make sure you know what you're bidding on.