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The dedication to the prose drama entitled, Conscience, by Alexandre Dumas père.


À Victor Hugo. C'est à vous, mon cher Hugo, que je dédie mon drame de 'La Conscience.' Recevez-le comme le Témoignage d'une amitié qui a survécu à. l'exile, et qui survivra, je l'espère, même à la mort. Je crois à l'immortalité de l'âme.--Alex. Dumas.


To Victor Hugo. It is to you, my dear Hugo, that I dedicate my drama of 'Conscience.' Receive it as the testimony of a friendship which has survived exile, and which will survive, I hope, even death. I believe in the immortality of the soul.--Alex. Dumas

From The Companions of Jehu

I recognized with a degree of satisfaction which you will easily comprehend, that not a single historian had been historical,and with still greater satisfaction that M. Thiers had been the least accurate of all these historians. I had already suspected this, but was not certain. The only one who had been accurate, with absolute accuracy, was Victor Hugo in his book called "The Rhine." It is true that Victor Hugo is a poet and not a historian. What historians these poets would make, if they would but consent to become historians!