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The poetry on this site comes from four collections.

  1. Three volumes of poetry from a 20 volume "Works of Victor Hugo" published by Estes and Lauriat sometime between 1872 and 1898. Translation credit is not provided within this collection for any of these poems.
  2. A one volume set edited by Henry Llewellyn Williams, and published by Hurst and Company in 1883. Translation credit is not provided within this collection either.
  3. One volume of poetry and dramas from a 10 volume "Works of Victor Hugo" published by Nottingham Society. Copyright date unknown, however these translations are a subset of the ones in the HL Williams collection, though organized differently, and translation credit is provided.
  4. A one volume edition translated by Henry Carrington, Dean of Booking for The Canterbury Poets series, published by Walter Scott, 1885.

Estes and Lauriat used some of the poetry from both Henry Llewellyn Williams edition, as well as Henry Carrington's, and other sources. The Estes and Lauriat volumes included a total of 37 illustrations, which have been scanned in. The poems corresponding to the illustrations will be entered as time permits, though occasionally different translations might be used than the one that appeared in teh Estes and Lauriat edition.