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In Uncanny XMen #388 (Jan 2001),a reference is made to the Valjean-Javert conflict in Hugo's, Les Miserables. (See panel on left)

The relentless pursuit of Valjean by Javert is, perhaps, the most common literary reference made to Hugo's popular novel, even though arguably it is not the primary conflict. For the full page of panels, click here.

Additionally, in X-Factor issues #90 and #91 (May/June 1993), there is a character called Mutate 24601. (24601 being Jean Valjean's prison number). He escapes a hospital, and is chased by X-Factor through the sewers of Genosha - a reference to Javert chasing Valjean through the sewers of Paris. (See panel below)

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Other references in comics include:

  • Jack MacGee, in The Incredible Hulk, who some claim was modeled after Javert, to the Hulk's Valjean.
  • The Joker, and The Man Who Laughs
  • A Les Miz poster appears in a panel of V is for Vendetta, by Alan Moore