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Ninety-Three - Quotations

The birds twittered above the bayonets. (p. 3)

They pushed forward. They went at random, with uneasiness, fearing to find that which they sought. (p. 3)

Wounded men are all thirsty. They die without any difference of opinions. Dying fellows ought to shake hands. (p. 10)

One of those men who are full of years and of vigour; who have white hair on their heads and lightning in their glance (p. 16)

"The great acts of war," resumed La Vieuville, "require to be undertaken by noblemen. They are matters for knights and not hairdressers." (p. 22)

But the rich have an advantage over us,--they eat every day. Eating is a preservative. (p. 80)

The tearing of the first page of a book by children is like the shedding of the first drop of blood by men -- it decides the carnage. (p. 247)