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Victor Hugo wrote poetry, fiction, and essays. He was an artist, a playwright, and a journalist. A revolutionary in both the literary and the political. A 19th Century French literary legend.

This is a labor of love by one Hugophile for others. If there is an English translation of one of his works on the web, I will link to it. What I can't find, I will enter on my own when I can find the time. If you know of something that isn't here, please let me know.

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Victor in Poesy, Victor in Romance,
Cloud-weaver of phantasmal hopes and fears,
French of the French, and Lord of human tears;
Child-lover; Bard whose fame-lit laurels glance
Darkening the wreaths of all that would advance,
Beyond our strait, their claim to be thy peers;
Weird Titan by thy winter weight of years
As yet unbroken, Stormy voice of France!
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